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WE help industry customers to excel in performance transformation, manufacturing strategy, manufacturing excellence, and capability building. We develop benchmark approaches and techniques to cover core areas in manufacturing such as variability management and quality for frictionless operations. We provide strategic guidance to help customers create fast, flexible, efficient and stable processes.

We also undertake “Business transformation” assignments which include “dip stick study, gap analysis, deployment of TIPS framework, intensive training workshops, coaching and mentoring for manufacturing and service excellence. All our assignments include follow up reviews, documentation of achievements and results

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Dip Study Analysis

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TIPS Dip Study analysis framework compares actual performance against desired performance. It ensures whether the organization makes best use of the current resources and technology. It provides coaching in the TQM Methodology - PDCA. We also undertake Scoping and Organizational Development programs for all organizations.

Lean Assessment

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TIPS is proud to present its "Lean Assessment System”. It was originally designed by our domain Experts with high rigor assessment processes for different process industries .Throughout this assessment organizations respond to many basic lean questions which will provide an excellent over view of the current status of the organization in the final outcome. TIPS Lean Assessment System provides the current level of process stability, process improvement and the extent to which people are committed and engaged in the activities.


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TIPS BPM Practice work flows for an organization to be more effective are
1. Integrating business and technology
2. Automate the calls and Manual authorizations to enable the completion of the word.
3. Ability to resume the process in the middle in case of any system failure
4. Easy monitoring of the flow.
5. Setting KPIs to improve the business processes.


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TIPS Business coaching helps organizations of small and medium size with their sales, marketing, administration, team building and much more. TIPS Coaching Skills workshop allows to try the sensei approach to coaching and leading by experience. It also coaches the fundamental difference between the role, skills and behaviors of managers in a conventional and lean environment. It helps to imbibe the lean culture in the organizations.